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Wrapped Productions & The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum presents...

SHUT OUT (The Untold Truth About The Negro Baseball Leagues)

SHUT OUT (The Untold Truth About The Negro Baseball Leagues) Documentary shows the overall history of the Negro Baseball Leagues; from newly freed slaves playing the game in the fields they once sowed, to the inventions of the batting helmet and night baseball that came from the Negro Baseball Leagues, to the thriving hotels, jazz clubs, and restaurants that supported "Black Baseball," to the most “Ironic” moment in sports history.

The production features an examination of the players, coaches, and owners from the leagues that spawned a bridge and legacy to so many success stories in today's sports, music, entertainment, and political fields.

The Story Of

Black Baseball In America

The Negro Baseball Leagues and its history not only helped blur the color lines in a nation torn apart by prejudice, but they inspired dreams in the hearts of young African Americans laying the foundation for today’s black & brown achievers.

What is this film all about? An examination of black baseball players, coaches and owners, that spawned a bridge and legacy to so many successes in today’s sports, music, entertainment, and political fields.

The History of Black Baseball

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  • True Life Stories...

    Through the window of America’s favorite pastime you will see the relationship of black owned blues and jazz clubs, restaurants and thriving hotels which all supported “Black Baseball”. This piece of our past is not established in our history books nor in the overall identity of this country.

    Using interviews with iconic figures from today’s pop culture to tell the story, the film brings social awareness to the Negro Baseball Leagues; the great achievements, undeniable facts, and true life stories that have been lost, forgotten, deemed not important, and to some… invisible.

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Hawkins Financial Service, LLC joins Wrapped Productions...

Wrapped Productions Producer Larrie Durham, William Hawkins of Hawkins Financial Service & Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

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  • 19 July, 2018

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